Newsletter 12/2


Newsletter 12/2/2014

****Language Arts****

Phonemic awareness: Blend phonemes, middle sound

Sounds: th, ng

Comprehension: Cause and effect, infer/predict

Fluency: read with expression

High Frequency words: what, you

Grammar: verbs in past tense

Writing: story

Vocabulary strategy: classify and categorize, color words

Word Family: (an) words.



This week we have been practicing how to construct and use graphs of real objects, to answer questions about the number of objects and to compare data presented by graph. Children were using skills “sorting by color/shape”.

New Math vocabulary: “graph, sort, row, column”.


This week students learned about objects they see in the daytime sky and
nighttime sky. Such as moon, stars, sun, clouds, birds. We will learn how the
earth rotates and how the sun rises and sets throughout the day.

****Social Studies****